Where will your donations go? They will go towards:

  1. Workshops aimed at ages from childhood to adulthood
  2. Annual Conferences for family support and services.
  3. Career Development Center as the child transitions into adolescence.
  4. Resource Center
  5. A career development program

These channels will provide adolescents and adults with opportunities of part time and full-time employment through internships within their field of study or career choice.


Personal donations to support families and are always a great way to pay it forward! Our foundation thanks you in advance for wanting to make a personal donation. There are three easy ways you can give:

  • Make a secure on-line donation with your Mastercard, Visa or Paypal.
  • Make a donation over the phone by calling 438-383-3233.
  • Make a donation by mailing your cheque to The Social Tree: 6525 Decarie suite 206, Montreal, Quebec, H3W 3E3 .

If you are interested in making a monthly donation through your credit card please set up by calling 438-383-3233.


These donations are for corporations who wish to make a difference for families who have a child on the Autism Spectrum in such to impact quality of life within the community where they conduct business. All corporations who plan to sponsor or donate to this cause will have visibility within the community to show their support to this worthwhile cause. For corporations who wish to make such a donation, please contact Francesca Dansereau or call 514-244-0050 to make arrangements.


Being a new foundation, we are counting and requesting sponsorship from corporations that will help us fund conferences, monthly events and charity drives.  We require money to develop our career center, workshops, and resources for families and members on the autism spectrum.  Every one of these components have an important role in the developmental trajectory from childhood to adulthood for every individual touched by autism. Your sponsorship will acquire full visibility within the community as a sign of appreciation for supporting the foundation. Please contact Francesca Dansereau to make arrangements for any sponsorship submissions at 514-244-0050.  Thanking your in advance for making our cause matter.  


Recognition is consistent with the level of your donation. It may include company recognition on our homepage, Sponsors Page, conference materials, brochures, marketing and program materials. Recognition will also be displayed in our Annual Report, newsletter, Facebook and Twitter. We will ensure that your support is renown to as many people as possible. This foundation is operating as The Social Tree Foundation, Registered Charitable Organization Number: 792524688 RR 0001