There are a few ways to get involved with our foundation, through membership, as a volunteer, attending our workshops and conference or supporting us by increasing Autism Awareness with our Under the Umbrella campaign.

For more information on our events, visit our website. However don’t forget to take up our challenge by purchasing one of our Social Tree Umbrellas for Autism.

Want more help?

Contact us at the Social Tree Foundation is you are interested in helping us raise money at  Help us make our umbrellas create the difference by increasing autism awareness.

With your help we will not only be raising Autism Awareness, but also changing families’ lives. Come on Canada! Dance in the Rain for Autism Awareness Month!


The support from enthusiastic individuals and community partners like you is key to Changing Family Lives. Community fundraising events allow you to join our team to ensure families get the information and support they need.


By e-mail:

By Phone: (514) 244-0050

By Fax: (514) 439-2833

By Mail: 6525 Decarie, suite 206, Montreal, Quebec, H3W 3E3