The Social Tree Foundation supports research projects in the field of Autism by creating a database of families who are willing to participate in various projects throughout Quebec, Canada and the US.  Research will provide evidence on genetic and environmental predispositions of Autism Spectrum Disorder and will also impact educational services and family support.  We encourage creating our own community because this empowers families who are seeking to make a difference by contributing to research for their loved ones on the Autism Spectrum.

Francesca Dansereau PhD (candidate) at McGill University is currently searching for adults on the Autism Spectrum without intellectual impairment who are currently enrolled in a college or university program.  This individual would participate in “A Career Development Perspective on Autism Spectrum Disorder.”  Please contact her directly by email .  Please take note that all information remains confidential and a small monetary contribution will be provided to each participant to thank them for their time.


Those families that have filled out the information page will be those willing to participate in the research projects in Quebec, Canada and the United States.  All projects must go through the Social Tree Foundation and will be sent to family participants via email.  All personal information will remain part of the foundation and will not be shared with anyone.  It remains completely confidential!


For researchers who are interested in our database, please send your ethics certificate along with your sample population demographics and research pamphlet for approval. Once the Social Tree Foundation approves your research, an email of confirmation will be sent directly to you and your information will be forwarded to the appropriate families. Those who agree to be part of your research study will get in touch directly with the researcher, university or research institution.

For research approval, please forward the appropriate documents to Francesca Dansereau at As your subject title, please specify “Research: (research title/affiliated institution)”. Once your email has been sent, you will send you an email as quickly as possible!

Research Studies

A list of research studies going through the Social Tree Foundation will be posted on our website. We will always let our members know when there’s research conducted.

Making a difference in our community is important. However, this cannot happen without research being conducted in the field of Autism. Therefore, it is essential for families such as yours to take part in research opportunities. For those of you who are interested in being part of research conducted in the field of autism, fill out the information below: