The Social Tree Foundation along with its collaborators have made available a variety of virtual workshops for family support, quality of life support and career development support. 
One workshop in the list of workshops will be scheduled every month depending on demand.


OUR VISION: To increase the quality of life for individuals on the autism spectrum throughout their lifespan.

OUR MISSION: To create a more inclusive future for individuals on the autism spectrum by using a multidisciplinary and holistic approach that includes parents, educational institutions, corporations, government, and the local community.

Each member of the founding team has in some way been touched by a relative, a client, a co-worker, and/or friend who either has Autism or has a child diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum. We are a team that consists of both professionals and parents who want to guide you in making informed decisions about your child. Even if you are an adult yourself and require support, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you with your needs.

Having a child or a family member on the Autism Spectrum is not easy. There are many difficult situations with numerous trials and tribulations but there is no reason to despair because our Foundation believes in change and Support! We are trained with the most recent evidence-based research and findings in the field of education and psychology to help you accept diagnosis and provide you with the right avenue for change. It all begins at diagnosis and then it is what you do with the recommendations in your psychological report. It is where you seek support that makes all the difference for your family unit and your child.

Our professional team would like to help you, all you need to do is request our information package. Inquire about our workshops, playgroups and yearly conferences. Remember you are not alone, we are here to help you make your Autism journey a positive and successful way of life.

Your support team.





Under the Umbrella Campaign for Autism Awareness! Purchase one of our umbrellas and set yourself apart from others, experience stigma due to diversity like those with an Autism diagnosis. Together we can make a difference!


The Social Tree Foundation is presently seeking companies that wish to enroll in its ‘employee/corporate inclusion’ pilot project.


The Social Tree Foundation would like to thank all supporters in advance for their generosity.


Your donation will be directed toward workshops, conferences and individualized information packages that provide families with support and services. Donations will also go towards the development of a Career and Resource Center for adolescents, young adults and adults seeking career development opportunities through internships.


  • As an RDI consultant in the Montreal and Quebec Region, I find many families who require support and need a helping hand once their child is diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum. No parent wants to hear that their child has special needs, especially not Autism, but it’s all about what you do with the diagnosis that makes a difference! I created this foundation for families to have a place to go once their child receives a diagnosis so they can receive services, interventions, and acquire support from a community that may continue growing! We look forward in meeting each family and supporting their needs as they become self-advocates for their child!
     Francesca Dansereau, M.Ed, PhD (candidate)
  • Making plans for the future hasn’t been in my vocabulary for over fifteen years! As a father of a 20 year old highly functioning man on the spectrum I can’t let myself go there. With a year left in a public school work program where they mix the special needs kids with the tough edged kids who also have issues; it’s been more than challenging. What do we do next??? Mj has so much potential yet is far from ready for a productive future. Then ya receive an odd message from a familiar name the family name. ”Hey mike how are ya?” Now the years and life have given me a sharp tongue and much less faith in anyone, yet something told me “Don’t blow this off.” Again another message, “Mike I have something in mind.” …Now hold on! Still I have this voice in my head saying “don’t be rude.” Then I heard this person say, “Mike we are looking into funding a program for…” “I don’t remember much about the phone call.” Still I kept it to myself; I can’t talk about this to my family because this just doesn’t happen. Then I was given the name of the person running the program and a meeting, who is this person? Why us? A foundation, my son will be properly assessed. Last time this happened he was 5. He will have access to a team of people who know what they are doing. Mj, my son was 100% in after a 15 minute meeting with the foundation founder; he knew this felt right for him. This gift has changed everything for our son’s future, where the path was dim we now saw a shining light showing us possibilities. As a Dad, I have given all I have to my children. To the people involved in the foundation, “a thank you” doesn’t cut it! Not being able to sleep because I can’t give my son the access to care he deserves was actually; let’s just say getting to me. Faith, karma, kindness, and giving, expecting nothing in return, I now understand. My family thanks you. I thank you. So many things have fallen into place, preordained is the word that comes to mind!
     Michael Harrison,
     Michael Harrison
  • I’d like to share this with you. It was 23 years ago my friend and his wife had their daughter. Her name is Sarah and I’m her God Father. The next year they had James, he was different. He didn’t talk and feeding him was always an issue. He was diagnosed with autism when he was very small and it was devastating for my friends. They tried everything, eating all organic, they got him into a special program. They wanted their son but he was locked away before their very eyes. That’s a heart breaker because autism can tear peoples lives apart.   James liked to take a stick and rhythmically tap on things, that’s what he did. It took years before he truly began to acknowledge people. I remember the first time he high fived me; I put my hand up and he put up his and it was magical. He slapped my hand, but then he was gone again, tapping his stick. Eventually James would always recognize me; when he saw me he’d come sit with me and he always wanted a hug. The first time I heard him speak was when his Dad held the front open too long and in a clipped harsh voice James said: “close that door”! I laughed so hard and James saw me laughing and it made him laugh too.   Today James still lives with his Dad but he’s come a long way because there are people who care. Autism isn’t going away and I hope we find an effective way to bring autistic people into our society. They deserve to have that “break through” where they realize the world around them.   Thank you for all the work you are doing for The Social Tree, people like you make the world a better place to live in. All the best Bill.
    Bill Hodges

Social Tree Foundation