The Social Tree Foundation along with its collaborators have made available a variety of virtual workshops for family support, quality of life support and career development support.  One workshop in the list of workshops will be scheduled every month depending on demand. Feel free to suggest any workshops on the list by sending an email to



Preparing for your child’s financial future

This could help parents afford private therapy or maximise the support you can offer based on family income. It also informs parents about the government tax credit information and documentation. Furthermore, it provides you with the support on planning for your child’s financial future.


How to get your child school resources and update their IEP to maximize school Support

Your child requires assistance at school and resources for academic achievement. This workshop teaches you how to access these resources and update their IEP in such to be successful at school.


Can sleep be a predictor for a possible Neurological Disorder

Workshop on sleep as a precursor for autism and how these sleep patterns can affect their executive functioning throughout their lives. It will also include interventions on sleep related disorders.


Anxiety in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Anxiety is an issue for individuals on the spectrum. This workshop targets the areas affected and possible interventions.


Managing Difficult Behaviours in Children

Discussion on parenting styles and how these influence child behaviors. When parenting atypical, your parenting has to change! Come and find out why.


Mastering the Interview Process

Strategies and tools to help you feel comfortable during an interview process. This workshop prepares you to be assertive every time you need to pass an interview.


Looking for a school with support?

Workshop on schools across the Montreal region supporting children on the autism spectrum.


How can Lego Robotics support and help children on the Autism Spectrum in School?

Workshop explaining how Lego Robotics works in schools and how children on the autism spectrum benefit from such resources.


Feeling lonely? Get together with others who have been there before you!

Workshop with parents who have had their child diagnosed on the autism spectrum. Explanation of their life experiences and how they got support for their child’s success.


What is RDI? How can this be an effective intervention?

Workshop on RDI therapy and how it’s a full family intervention not only to get out of crisis, but also as a form of child support.


Government allocation forms

What programs are there for my child? Where can I go for support?


Learning about their sexuality

If you think puberty is difficult for a typical adolescent, imagine one with autism? This workshop discusses the developmental transitions that occur and how to approach your teenager with autism about their sexuality.


What are you looking for in an IEP

IEPs’ are case specific, but this workshop teaches parents what to look for and the importance of their child’s IEP for school success.


Worried about your child being on the Autism Spectrum?

Workshop on early precursors in identifying autism spectrum disorder in young children as early as 18 months.



Please feel free to suggest workshops that
you would like the Social Tree to provide.