The Social Tree Foundation was created in 2017 and become operational in 2018.


Its vision is to provide quality of life to individuals on the autism spectrum without an intellectual disability.


Its mission – to develop an inclusive corporate/employee program to relieve poverty.


The Social Tree Foundation is all about promoting quality of life for individuals on the autism spectrum.  It is a non-profit organization with charitable status servicing the ASD community.


The foundation started a career center component that is geared toward developing an employee/corporate program. The program includes activities that help educate and create inclusion for individuals on the autism spectrum. It encourages the collaboration between employers, job coaches, care takers and teaching establishments (adult education centers, colleges, CEGEPs and universities’).


To support this component, the Social Tree Foundation joined forces with two private organizations: the N.E.A.T. Clinic and IT Talent Placement.  Although these three entities are unique and independent, they collaborate on some of the nine career center segments. 


Through their cooperation, these three entities create the ideal platform for long term continued support for both candidate and employer. They amalgamate the best individualized plan of action based on research, shared discoveries, and procedures.  The teamwork and collaboration among these three organizations is what sets the stage for successful employment.

Welcome to the remainder of the Founding Team Members

As a team, we are all here to help you make a difference for your child and improving your family’s Quality of Life!

President & Founder

Francesca Dansereau, M.Ed, PhD (candidate)

Francesca Dansereau is a PhD candidate in Human Development at McGill University. She worked as an integration technology specialist, an adaptive technology trainer for Microcomputer Science and as an RDI certified consultant in private practice. The research she has conducted in the field focuses on neurodevelopmental disabilities (down syndrome, autism spectrum disorder and intellectual disabilities), quality of life and education technology. Expanding her expertise, her dissertation focuses on career development and autism spectrum disorder for which she has recently founded The Social Tree Foundation to open a career center with a multidisciplinary team of professional in the Montreal area.


Patricia Lucarelli

Special Needs (Specialized high functioning autism) Recruiter, APRC, RPR

I am a professional in management and people skills and owner of IT Talent Placement. I have over twenty years of working experience in large corporations. I am driven and gratified by helping individuals attain their potential. I ponder through success by applying three core values: Integrity, transparency and mutual respect. My leadership and organizational qualities will help guide The Social Tree Foundation toward their Vision and Mission objectives and goals. “Making a difference when it comes to quality of life for individuals with autism.”

RDI certified consultant

Claudia Ruiz Morante

Masters of Science in Industrial Engineering with a minor in human resources
Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering
Diploma in Personnel Management

Claudia Ruiz Morante is an Industrial Engineer with Master’s Degree in human resources. She has worked in logistics and administration for the biggest Telecommunications Operator in South America (Telefonica). Her work experience also consisted of Human Resource Management, Labor Climate mitigations, and Costumer Care Management for high profile Telefonica subscribers. RDI Consultant in training - RDI is an educational program, that teaches parents to guide their children with the purpose to them to restore typical pathway development.
With RDI, children learn to solve problems, communicates and be flexible thinkers, because we work in 5 areas of impairment: experience share, appraisal, self-awareness, episodic memory and creative thinking.
Education Universidad Nacional de Trujillo
Universidad Privada del Norte

Legal Advisor

Me Nicholas DiTomasso

Nicholas Di Tomaso is the founder of Di Tomaso Avocats. He holds a bachelor of Arts from Mc Gill University and a LL.L. from the university of Ottawa. He was called to the Quebec Bar in 2009 and was formerly employed at Kaperonis & Colarusso before beginning his own practice. Experience in pleading before the Court of Quebec, Superior Court and Quebec Court of Appeal as well as before many Quebec administrative tribunals including the Tribuanal Administratif du Quebec and the Commission des Lesions Professionnelles. He is also well versed in all aspects of corporate and commercial law related to small and medium businesses in Quebec.


Brent Stumph

You’ve heard it said that one word is worth a thousand pictures. Actually, that is something you probably haven’t heard. And yet it is so true. Take the word “family” for example. That one word conjures up a thousand images - some good, some not. As Publications Editor, I search for the right words to tell our story. To communicate our message effectively and passionately. To help you understand what the Social Tree Foundation is all about and what is truly important in the lives of our clients and their families. Good communication leads to a strong, knowledgeable community. One that can make a difference.


Chrisptopher Harmat Knull

For Special Needs Program

Are you worried about your child’s financial future? I am a Sun Life advisor who is devoted to helping people! Choosing the right financial tools that are available is not always as easy as it sounds.... My goal is to help you attain future financial security as efficiently as possible for both you and your children. I have been an advisor for seven years and am passionate about making sure that everyone gets the professional advice they deserve!

Support Team

Alexandra Mathieu

Bachelor's degrees in engineering and business administration

Alexandra Mathieu has worked as a manager in the Fuel/Oil industry for over 20 years. She holds a bachelor's degree in engineering and a bachelor's degree in business administration. She joined the foundation in 2022 to optimize its influence and guide all those who wish to obtain tools intended to improve the quality of life of neurodiverse people.

Support Team


IT consultant

Antoine is passionate about computer programming. He graduated from the University of Montreal in mathematics and computer science. He currently works as an IT consultant for an international company. He has been actively involved in helping the community on a voluntary basis. He has worked with several non-profit organisations. He has, among other things, accompanied young people with homework help for several years. He helped a non-profit organisation by sitting on its board of directors and accompanying it in the implementation of its grant program. Antoine aims to help people with autism by getting involved in the organisation.


Dr. Sylvain Desforges, B.Sc., D.C., D.O., N.D.

Doctor of chiropractic, Doctor of Osteopathy, Naturopath, and businessman

I have been building websites for the past 15 years for my own businesses as well as for others. I have also been a professional health practitioner for the past 27 years. I am a passionate clinician, educator, researcher and advocate in helping to improve the lives of those affected by musculoskeletal pain. As an international back pain expert, I teach health care professionals about the latest trends in spinal decompression therapy. With the help of a team of experts, I have founded two osteopathic associations that certifies osteopaths in the care of patients. I own and manage a number of multidisciplinary rehabilitation clinics and I am on the board of governors for a US based osteopathic university.


Charles Arciresi

Past Vice-President

Brian Olton

Past 2nd Director and VP Marketing