Welcome to The Social Tree’s Under the Umbrella Campaign.  As promised we brought you our first version of the Social Tree’s Umbrella that we hope will help individuals on the autism spectrum have a better quality of life. 


The First Phase of our umbrella story (2017 – 2020)

The Social Tree under the umbrella campaign would like to take you on a journey in discovering their Umbrella/Career Center evolution.

As our career center develops and gets closer to the vision we have for our center of excellence for individuals with high-functioning autism, so will our look more and more like a multicolored product …. demonstrating that different does not mean less.

Please participate in our story and purchase our first classy umbrella launched by our Under the Social Tree Umbrella Campaign, that debuts our journey in developing the career center of excellence.



We will be campaigning with different umbrella models that will demark the different milestones we achieve.  Stay tuned in the upcoming months for our next umbrella and discover our development and achievements that will have been accomplished with your help because you decided to buy an umbrella.  Thank you. 

By purchasing The Social Tree Umbrella, you are not only supporting our foundation, but also demonstrating your dedication to this cause and supporting Autism Awareness in your own special way!


The Second Phase of our umbrella story (2020 –     )

Creating Change – The Social Tree’s Career center has advanced to the next step of its journey. To depict this evolution, we have developed the second phase of our umbrella story.

Our first umbrella focused on autism awareness, which echoed the Career center’s goal of providing quality of life to individuals on the autism spectrum. We developed programs to enhance engagement and inclusion. This was the representation that our first umbrella took on; its purpose was to represent diversity.

The Foundation has now achieved the next level in its Career Center evolution.  We are now working on commitment. Our goal is to develop long term relationships, dispel myths and cultivate interest among employers to increase the inclusiveness of their workplaces.

Dave Meurer once said, “A great marriage is not when the ‘perfect couple’ comes together. It is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences.” Commitment is the foundation of great accomplishments.



Therefore, we have decided to work with Classy formalwear for the next version of the Social Tree Foundation umbrella. Classy, the tuxedo specialist is committed to creating the perfect fit for every groom willing to embark on a life journey with their partner. This relationship journey includes acceptance of diversity and learning to work as a team through the commitment of marriage. 

The Social Tree Foundation would like to make the same commitment in establishing the perfect marriage fit between employers and candidates who are on the autism spectrum. We will accomplish this by creating an inclusive employee/corporate program to promote the relief of poverty.  We are committed to educating, training, and supporting our partners and candidates throughout their journey.

Please help us celebrate the launch of the Classy Formalwear/Social Tree Foundation ‘Under the Umbrella’ campaign.  Purchasing the umbrella will show your commitment to helping create quality of life for individuals on the autism spectrum.