Basing herself on her dissertation “A Career Development Trajectory to Autism Spectrum Disorder”, Francesca Dansereau PhD (candidate) at McGill University is offering consultation sessions to determine where your child is regarding their disability and what next steps need to be taken for their future in career development. This is a one-to-one session with the child, adolescent or adult with their parents as their suggestions are dependent on their current abilities. A specific path will be mapped out for them and discussed at this session. This person specific consultation session will take under consideration the following,

  • The various talents, strengths and weaknesses of the individual.
  • The person’s self-awareness and self-advocacy skills.
  • Intervention suggestions to increase independence and autonomy.
  • Current schooling opportunities and IEP modification suggestions.
  • Capabilities for post-high school pursuit will be discussed as our mandate considers individuals with Autism who do not have an intellectual comorbidity.
  • Overall career development suggestions to see if that person could further a career or look solely for employment opportunities.

Determining if the individual or parents are interested in being part of our long-term career development program.