The Social Tree Foundation is presently seeking companies that wish to enroll in its ‘employee/corporate inclusion’ pilot project. The goal of the pilot project is to integrate individuals with ASD within corporations in a mutually beneficial fashion. The project is focused on training employers to manage individuals with ASD (without an intellectual disability) in the workplace.  Here are some of the benefits we wish to attain:


  • Demonstrate the increase in productivity due to the quality of work from these individuals
  • Minimize turnover costs resulting from their focused commitment
  • Reduce the unemployment rate for these individuals


The Social Tree is a charitable organization that will lead the pilot project once grants have been received.


The Social Tree ‘employee/corporate inclusion’ project includes employer training, employee coaching, and accompaniment.   It will transform how inclusive hiring is done.


We invite companies to take advantage of this subsidized initiative.


Your company can register by downloading the registration form found on our website:

and then mailing it to


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call Patricia Lucarelli at 514-743-5371.


Thank you very much,