Become a member and gain opportunities to learn about Autism.  Gain access to professionals that will teach you the tools and give you the understanding that will help you see what support your child needs.  Become part of a parent support pool that can share their best victories and worst stories.  You will discover that you are not alone and that working together will encourage change.  You can also learn what government allocation programs are accessible to you for financial support.

It is important to understand that career development begins at a very young age.  Early career development would allow your young child to have opportunities to explore different avenues in his adolescent years and decide what career path he/she would prefer.  Such opportunities would allow the adolescent to self-advocate and become independent to have free will to career choices and not just accept any employment.

Your membership of 125$ provides you with the following;

  • Accessibility to 3 workshops per year.
  • A 1-hour consultation session with parents and child, adolescent or adult.
  • Follow-up on IEP and support for each membership year.
  • A 15% discount at our yearly conference.

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