RDI consultant in training

Claudia Ruiz Morante

Masters of Science in Industrial Engineering with a minor in human resources
Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering
Diploma in Personnel Management

Claudia Ruiz Morante is an Industrial Engineer with Master’s Degree in human resources. She has worked in logistics and administration for the biggest Telecommunications Operator in South America (Telefonica). Her work experience also consisted of Human Resource Management, Labor Climate mitigations, and Costumer Care Management for high profile Telefonica subscribers. RDI Consultant in training - RDI is an educational program, that teaches parents to guide their children with the purpose to them to restore typical pathway development.
With RDI, children learn to solve problems, communicates and be flexible thinkers, because we work in 5 areas of impairment: experience share, appraisal, self-awareness, episodic memory and creative thinking.
Education Universidad Nacional de Trujillo
Universidad Privada del Norte